Dear Loyal Clients of SSPP

After 4 years we need to increase our prices to the following rates:

New prices as of 1st December 2018

Physiotherapy Services

Senior Physiotherapist initial consultation (Post Grad.) $  109 40 mins
Senior Physiotherapist follow-up treatment (Post Grad.) $  95 30 mins
Physiotherapist initial consultation $  99 40 mins
Physiotherapist follow-up treatment $  85 30 mins

Clinical Supervised Exercise Services

(Group size maximum 4)

Initial Assessment $  90 40 mins
1st and 2nd Sessions (individual) $  90 70 mins
3rd and Subsequent $  52 70 mins
1:1 session $  90 40 mins


EPC $  72.25

Thank you for your understanding – staff and management SSPP

Do I need to book an appointment?

Bookings are necessary for all visits. Our reception team are available to assist with all information, so feel free to phone.

Bookings can be made by phone, in person or by email.

Initial Physiotherapy and Clinical Supervised Exercise assessments are 40 minutes in length, follow-up Physiotherapy appointments are in 30 minute intervals. Clinical Supervised Exercise sessions last 70 minutes.

Health rebates apply for participating funds only for Physiotherapy and Clinical Supervised Exercise services.

Clinic Hours

Monday - Friday 7am - 7:30pm

Saturday 7am - 2pm