Running is simple, but it’s not easy! It is a skill and our trained physiotherapists can coach that skill to help you run better, more efficiently and faster.

Whether you are a recreational or elite runner, a beginner or someone who is returning from injury, it is likely that you are not moving as well as you need to be.

At Silas St Running, we help you to achieve your running goals by coaching you to move better and then run better.

How it works?

We offer an individualised service for every client. Our initial 40 minute running assessment includes:

  • A detailed discussion with a physiotherapists about your running history and goals, any past or present injury
  • A thorough musculoskeletal assessment looking at posture, functional movement patterns, range of movement, muscle power and muscle length
  • A biomechanical running assessment in which we take video clips of you running on a treadmill

Once we have gathered and analysed all of the above information we work with you to identify areas that can be improved within your running to reduce the risk of injury and improve your performance.

Depending on each individual’s needs, treatment and coaching will be in the form of 1:1 physiotherapy consultations, progressive home exercise programs, Clinical Supervised Exercise, Physiotherapist-guided running strength and conditioning group classes or a combination of the above.

Clinic Hours

Monday - Friday 7am - 7:30pm

Saturday 7am - 2pm